Featuring Works Nathaniel de Large & Nicolas Schaltegger

Commissioned by WAX & Auto Body, Thursday, March 16th, 2017 held at NEBULOUS GAMING NYC

"Gather your friends, dim the lights, and get the popcorn ready. Calling thrill-seekers, alone or with an audience. The fun of conquering your fears and discovering the truth together! Rumor has it Craigslist is a hoax or a prank - an empty website where a few can enter a new world and meet the dead again. The world is known as the Mnemonic Abyss where the dead wander indefinitely. Curiosity brings many to this site - those who do not believe or those trying to solve the mystery behind it, and some who are simply looking for a list friend or a beloved husband. Experience four unique character's perspectives in a gripping story." 

Additional Videos by Aerial Zambenedetti, Gregory Kalliche, Irina Jasnowski, Raine Trainor, Henry Gunderson, Chris Rice, Roxanne Yamins.

Photography by Genevieve Garruppo