Mid-Summer Fender Bender

by Barry McGee

Auto Body is pleased to present new works by Barry McGee consisting of an indoor gallery show at the Bellport­-Brookhaven Historical Society with an audio installation by Bradford Walters and a series of outdoor installations in Bellport Village, NY. The show opens August 11, 2018 and will run through September 15, 2018. 

Barry McGee’s ‘Bellport takeover’ includes a collection of artworks at the Bellport­-Brookhaven Historical Society gallery (BBHS), a series of spray­-painted tarps installed on cars and objects on the streets of Bellport Village, limited edition prints and silk­screened tee shirts on display at the BBHS Exchange Shop, and surfboards assembled in a vacant storefront on Bellport’s Main Street. For his inaugural visit to Bellport, McGee borrows his quintessential elements of anti­establishment urban, surf, graffiti and folk imagery from his native Bay Area and brings them to Bellport’s quaint streets and to its nearly two­ hundred­ year-­old historical society. Within the gallery space is a compilation of McGee’s colorful paintings and vase­like ceramics and an installation of an anarchist book collective, which is inspired by the fact that Bellport no longer has a bookstore. His display of text­-based works and politically­-motivated drawings organically flow from the gallery space onto the village streets, intending to stir unexpected conversation and communication and to catch the gaze of residents who pass by. Putting to work his innately collaborative approach to art­-making, McGee’s town­-takeover engages the Bellport’s historical society, its surrounding streets, and even its local auto body shop to loan out cars on top of which his tarps are exhibited. Auto Body is honored to help produce this show with McGee whose practice has been an inspiration to the group since its founding.

The Bellport­-Brookhaven Historical Society is located at 12 Bell Street, Bellport, NY 11713.  Photography by Genevieve Garruppo. http://www.genevievegarruppo.com/