A multimedia installation by Gogy Esparza on Saturday, May 28, 2016. A pattern of crosses conjure a familiar site on Memorial Day weekend, which function simultaneously as an act of remembrance and as an object crafted by Gogy that is reminiscent of his personal experience.
The altarpiece and tiled canvas of Eucharist wafers (Catholicism’s symbol for the Body of Christ) are meant to manifest the artist’s internal torture with “Catholic guilt,” dwindling faith, despair and doubt; he employs violent action painting, scratching, and emotionally triggered bodily release onto the wafers. Despite the seemingly blasphemous assemblage, Gogy insists that the ouerve is meant to exonerate not only himself from his torture, but to free his God from blame harbored against Him. It is a ceremonious unification between the artist and his Providence, a meshing of bodies.
Gogy Esparza (b. 1987) is a New York City-based artist concentrating in fine art, photography and video.