Auto Body is pleased to present a show of works by a mother, father, and son; Saskia Friedrich, Jeremy Rhodes Grosvenor, and Mamoun Friedrich-Grosvenor consisting of a gallery show at Auto Body’s Station Road space in Bellport, NY and an outdoor installation at Post-Morrow Foundation in Brookhaven, NY. The show at Station Road opens June 29, 2019 and will run through July 27, 2019 and the installation at Post-Morrow opens July 13, 2019. The three artists are interested in art as a collaborative practice of defining a cultural narrative and using this as a lens through which to focus the attention of the viewer in a particular way or towards a particular future. While their works are independently conceived they are collectively curious to find the narrative that will appear.

SASKIA FRIEDRICH Born in Munich Germany, Friedrich currently lives and works in Sagaponack, NY and has participated in various group shows at Paula Cooper Gallery, Willoughby Sharp Gallery, Achim Kubinsky Gallery and The Parrish Art Museum among others. Friedrich’s work draws on multiple systems of thought and fields of interest including human rights advocacy, architecture in green and fantastical forms, sustainable cities, bio structures, floating cities, and the Sufi tradition of the experimental path, whirling and training as a Sufi mystic. One of Friedrich’s interests lies in dwelling on the question rather than giving the answer and inviting the viewer to realize answers for themselves and generate their own subsequent questions. Her concern is multilayered involving our cultural, political, physical, mental and spiritual selves emerging as one ecology with our world surroundings.

JEREMY RHODES GROSVENOR Born and raised on Long Island, Rhodes Grosvenor currently lives and works in Sagaponack, NY. Rhodes-Grosvenor is interested in the idea of time absorbed as it passes into blurry tranquility, inconspicuous directions and setting out to oblivious rolling frontiers. The catalyst of exterior creation derived sets the seeker on a path of unquenchable stillness. On view is a work titled, “Flipped Conceptualism,” a spontaneous fabrication to keep the daydream alive.

MAMOUN FRIEDRICH-GROSVENOR Born and raised on Long Island, Friedrich-Grosvenor currently lives and works in Sagaponack, NY. With the work in this show, Friedrich-Grosvenor explores the creation of multi-species plant and human assemblages that position art as an immune response to the destruction of self and the world. Through the creation of models, existing in the liminal space between dream world and reality, Friedrich-Grosvenor explores the interplay between creation and chaotic growth.

photography by Genevieve Garruppo